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  • If you are not in the Vancouver area please still feel free to participate and sign up below for the link love blogroll
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  • Feel free to list your non-profit of choice as well if you have already decided, if not, no worries

This wiki is open and on the honor system, please do not remove anyone and only list your blog once.
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Sunshine Shift: 7/26/08 0500 GMT (10:00pm PT Friday until 10:00pm PT Saturday)

Swing Shift: 7/26/08 1200 GMT (5:00am PT Saturday until 5:00am PT Sunday)

Moonlight Shift: 7/27/08 0400 GMT (9:00pm PT Saturday until 9:00pm PT Sunday)

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Name Blog URL Email Shift Charity You Will be Supporting
Rebecca Bollwitt Rebecca [at] Miss604 [dot] com Moonlight Shift UGM
Tania Morrison (Ottawa) whatusernameisnttaken[at]gmail[dot]com Sunshine Shift United Way Ottawa
Raul Pacheco hummingbird604 [at] gmail [dot] com Swing Shift B.C. Cancer Agency
Shane Gibson shane [at] kbitraining [dot] coml Shift Big decision not sure yet!
Karen Hamilton karen [at] tinybites [dot] ca Sunshine Shift David Suzuki Foundation
Ayeza Garcia msayeza (at) gmail (dot) com Swing Shift projects for my High School Alma Mater
isabella mori moritherapy at shaw (dot!!!) ca Swing Shift canadian mental health association
Danny Dang danny [at] dannydang [dot] com Sunshine Shift BC SPCA Paws for a Cause
Mehnaz Thawer mehnazthawer [at] (dot) com Sunshine The Adoptive Families Association of BC
Jenn Lowther/Nadia Nascimento jenn.lowther [at] Sunshine Plan Canada
Barbara Doduk unityproject [at] Sunshine BC SPCA Paws for a Cause
Chris Richardson chris.richardson[at] Sunshine
Colleen Vince 42vince [at] most likely the Swing Shift CKNW Orphan's Fund
Duane Storey moc.liamg|yerotsenaud#moc.liamg|yerotsenaud Sunshine shift Not sure
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