Blogathon Vancouver 2008 July 26 - 27, 2008

Stay Up Late - Make a Difference


Blogathon is 24 hours of blogging every 30 minutes for a cause. Since the official system and administrators will be taking a year off, that leaves 2008 in our hands.

The Day of Blogs will mostly be picking up where Blogathon left off, however under their guidance I would like to organize a Vancouver chapter, although if you are not in the city please feel free to participate by adding your name to the Sign Up Page.

How to Participate

  • For bloggers: Write a blog post every 30 minutes for 24 hours straight. This is a 'thon so it comes with personal sacrifice (of sleep, mostly) but the idea is to give 24 hours of your time so that your readers can pledge/donate to your cause of choice to keep that steady stream of content going.
  • If you don't have a blog then you can participate by spreading the word and checking in on Blogathon'ers during the event. Leave comments and keep us going!
  • Go to the Sign Up Page and click "Edit" to add your info, make sure to include your "shift":
    • Sunshine Shift: 7/26/08 0500 GMT (10:00pm PT Friday until 10:00pm PT Saturday)
    • Swing Shift: 7/26/08 1200 GMT (5:00am PT Saturday until 5:00am PT Sunday)
    • Moonlight Shift: 7/27/08 0400 GMT (9:00pm PT Saturday until 9:00pm PT Sunday)

Regarding Charities

  • All bloggers will be responsible for contacting and tracking their non-profit of choice. As I do not encourage any blogger to accept payments or payment info directly, I would strongly suggest that you choose Canada Helps a non-profit with an online donation page that you can link or contact them to see what can be setup.
  • Please make sure your non-profit of choice is not a hate group or a political organization, we'd like to keep things as fun, happy, and neutral as possible.

Sign Up!

Those wishing to participate in Blogathon Vancouver 2008 are encouraged to add their NAME, EMAIL, and blog URL to the Sign Up Page so we can start spreading the word and compiling one big link love blogroll.

Wish List

  • Here's something that would be nice:
    • A badge [Edit: Rebecca - this is in the works] one for if anyone wants it, email me lithium [at direct [dot] com]
    • One or more restaurants/coffee shops that would sponsor us as we have one or two Blogathon meetups [Edit: Rebecca - Raul is working on making this happen]
    • Some promotion in a newspaper / on the radio [Edit: Rebecca - This was on the cover of the 24 Hours and I'll have more lined up next week including a TV appearance]
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